Sunday, 14 December 2014

To Description To Blogger Blog is Good Idea ?

Blogger is good platform for blog can share your article or you can share view about the world and their activity in the same world.
exposure come from internet through search engine as Google , yahoo , bing.
Google is the main . blogger also a product of Google ; mostly know that. so today we will talk about Blogspot  blog that you get free from blogger.
Many are Know that Google is day by day making better to blogger and it is still a problem to make it SEO fellow.
you can implement some feature that whole world using in another platform.

Making Description is Good Idea ?

All We Know , Google Fetch Description from your Content and giving your own description will not give any extra benefit to you so , you need to leave on automatic and make unique content ; Google will automatic fetch it.
if you will your own description then it is possibility that blogger description can lead in you duplicate description pages and at last you will remove it .

Friday, 28 November 2014

I Got Rank Again After Penguin 3.0 Penalty

if you got rank then it is really good news for you but google only taken some rules ,  it  is  mean that you are totally safe.
this penguin has seen only for attorney and law sites . if you are still following bad step to get top ranking in google then you should certainly avoid that. if you hired a company that they follow spam steps then you should request them to do not follow these things with your websites.
law and lawyers website was killed totally through penguin 3.0 algorithm update . some SEO comapny still do  not know about these recovery and they will give these to their hard work .
then i will say " their website will stay in ranking in google seach ..longer...........they should wait for next penguin refresh .
mostly people hire bad company , probably you get rank but it is not any mean that they follow white practise . they do daily SMO and these SMO create many links " in that manner it is direct link pulling " you did not get any traffic , you get only links and through this you are making dirty farm of links where quality does not exist.
these types of practise certainly creating spam and next penguin know that. some client force to create spam , they say to follow daily SMO.
if anyone is getting rank only for SMO links then Google will give benefit till ? answer as soon as google will apply it in next penguin.
natural linking is natural , if anyone is pulling rank through manually work and this person know that then it is against to webmaster guidline.

Today Mostly Websites Recovered From Penguin Algorithm Penalty

Today 28 November 2014 , you will see amazing result in google , it is for  " whom " faced penguin 3.0 penalty on 17 oct 2014 .
it is really good news for some website owner but do not celebrate because next penguin refresh that is after 60 days will kill your website ranking that you recovered today.
google taken back some penguin effect because it killed some legit websites amd google was knowing that .
          if your websites catched in this penguin update and recovered then  it is not good news. this time should remove internet spam , otherwise you website will be killed.
if you recovered then it does not mean that your websites are also legit , google still updating penguin 3.0 algorithm and upgrade version will be applied in few month again .
if you are wise then you will understand these things and will remove all spam. if you still in black hat seo then  good luck to you.
Note :- these recovery has seen mostly in USA search .... other country can take some time to reflect these result .if you have USA targeted website then you can see that recovery easily.
if you want any help then comment here.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

How To Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is determined by traffic that you received on your website.Alexa work on own make category of every site that ranking is also depending upon that.
software website Alexa rank will be different from food website.if anyone want improve it then you should get more traffic as possible as.
if you get google traffic then you can improve it very traffic is very important for traffic is main point of that.
improve your CTR , Bounce rate too and you can use google analytics tool to monitor that. feel visitor choice and create content according to them.

Does Disavow Really Help To Get Ranking Back?

Does Ranking Recover Through Google Disavow File?

You submitted  the disavow before several month and you did not notice any effect and benefit on ranking  but you still waiting for ranking that you lost ,due to penguin refresh.
disavow request will recover your full ranking , it is not sure , or it can take  some months to get your ranking. if you are still following spam steps then you should not wait for disavow recovery because google will not help you.
first stop all of spam making process.focus on content. create content that are usefull on searchers.

 Ranking Improving Tips :- 

  1. improve you bounce rate 
  2. improve you ctr
  3. improve you design
  4. improve you title and description
  5. remove extra  css,javascript
  6. remove hideen text
  7. after that fill disavow request
  8. create  unique content
  9. remove duplicacy
  10. do not fill keyword in your title
  11. do not fill keyword in description
  12. make you title natural and give it long term query type

  Time :-

A good blog writer or good content webmaster do not wait for ranking.he daily write content for people without asking for any ranking.
he update content for people. he edit every mistake.  this is the keypoint of good website owner.
if you daily think about SEO then you are on bad step. only think about your website.if you give best then you will receive best surely.

thanks to reading this article


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I Removed Links.Still Do I Need To Submit Disavow File Request In Google Webmaster

If You Think That You Got Penalty By Penguin Algorithm And Links Are Main Reason And You Are Doing Your Best Through Webmaster Tool.
Then You Will Puzzle In Some Points. Your Question Will Be That......... Some Time Ago ..You Deleted Some Suspicious Links But These Links Are Still In Webmaster Report.
Now You Want To Know That Will I Need To Submit Those Links In Disavow File To Ranking Recovery?

It Is Right Question Because If You Removed Those Links But Webmaster Still Showing Means " Google Still Measuring Those Links "
You Should Submit These Links In Disavow File Request To Get Full Benefit of Link Removal Process.
You Should All Suspicios Links And After That You Have To Wait Some Months Because Disavow Process Is Also Same as Same Crawl Process.
Crawl Process Crawl Every Single Link And Disavow Also Do That.
Note : Disavow Process Can Be Time Consuming Process If Your Links Are Too Many And If You Created Very Strong Bad Link Serious At Just Single Websites.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

New Panda Algorithm Update Is Coming Soon - Jan 2015


Penguin 3.0 Already Hit You ,If NOT  Then You Should Curious About New Panda Update in Jan 2015 Because It Will Check Top Ranking Websites With Thin Content.

You Can Be Lucky At The Point of Webspam But Panda Algorithm May Not Give You Any Chance This Time.
I Am Telling To Those Websites That Have Top Ranking of Mostly Keywords. I Know You Are Not Generating Any Webspam But only Webspam Does Not Matter.
Content Also Matter. Do Not Fill Keywords In Your Content Too Many Times.
Makes Your Content Meaning-Full.
Meaning Full Means It Should Any Meaning That Related To Your Topic.
If Your Websites About Attorney And You Write Poem In Your Content Then Panda Will Surely Check It And Can Drop Your Ranking.
Filling Content With Poem Is Not Content Writing. Write Only About Your Topic So Make User - Appeal.
User Will Search For Your Content.
Content Popularity Play Own Part In SEO And Great Content Get Google Trust And Penguin And Panda Don Not Hurt Easily Because With These Content Have User Appeal.

Do Not Write In Tough English .Only Follow Easy Grammer For User. If You Will Create Content For Search Engine Then Google Will Know That.

Comment Here , if You Like My Article . Do Not Make Webspam Because Next Penguin Will FLY.