Saturday, 25 October 2014

how to recover from penguin 3.0

firstly i will say about penguin algorithm is about spam filter . this check spam on search result.
penguin 3.0 update was on 18 oct 2014.
if you affected by ranking drop with mostly keyword then may be it is penguin update.
To recover from this update is not so hard but recovery will not be full because.
links will be their in your google webmaster , so recovery may not be full.

remove all links that you created.
if you can not remove then you need to disavow them in your google webmaster account.
and do not create any links in future and only focus on content..because  content is vital.....links can be spammy way that will hurt you in next pengiun and can recover if you follow webmaster.

Added :-

Penguin 3.1 Also Launched And What It Did ?

penguin 3.0 give penalty to those website who were working only spam linking.they were daily creating backlinks , they were creating daily minimum 30-100 links to manipulate ranking and want to get top 1 ranking in the google search.
penguin 3.0 was on right path but now penguin 3.1 here and mostly sites that are working spam method - recovered.
i am asking to google that he is really working to block spam or just joking because sometimes it show us that he is blocking that sites but after sometimes he gives ranking benefit.
or should we wait for 2015 to see good changes in google search. when i see result then find hugh backlink profile websites anywhere. is that moral of spam free world?

we are seeing every day penguin or panda refresh and spammy websites are still getting benefit. should us start too spammy way because google is only giving benefit to those.

Google Says " Penguin is on Continous Update" 

Ok ! but we still seeing spammy websites... if penguin is working then it is fail in the mission because google should check result ..after that we will know that google is still full of spammy websites and aazing thing that daily penguin can not catch them.........


people creating backlinks manually and page rank , domain rank of the target domain to create backlink on that.
google is giving reward to them. i am asking to google that is it not spam ? 

Social Dirt To Cover Ranking

many SEO companies are doing SMO game to catch high ranking. they share post on social sites in bulk and   moto is very simple --- to get backlinks .... they do not get any traffic ...they also know that SMO will not give any large exposure to them but they do only for backlinks ..... i am asking to Google ... it not spam ????

How To Recover or Protect Yourself Penguin Algorithm?

do not create backlinks
trust on your content
genrate unique content
give user first value
customize your site for user
make your website responsive
use social sydication in limitation , do not overload social with your content dirt.
reduce bounce rate
alexa do not matter in google ranking.

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