Monday, 27 October 2014

New Panda Algorithm Update Is Coming Soon - Jan 2015


Penguin 3.0 Already Hit You ,If NOT  Then You Should Curious About New Panda Update in Jan 2015 Because It Will Check Top Ranking Websites With Thin Content.

You Can Be Lucky At The Point of Webspam But Panda Algorithm May Not Give You Any Chance This Time.
I Am Telling To Those Websites That Have Top Ranking of Mostly Keywords. I Know You Are Not Generating Any Webspam But only Webspam Does Not Matter.
Content Also Matter. Do Not Fill Keywords In Your Content Too Many Times.
Makes Your Content Meaning-Full.
Meaning Full Means It Should Any Meaning That Related To Your Topic.
If Your Websites About Attorney And You Write Poem In Your Content Then Panda Will Surely Check It And Can Drop Your Ranking.
Filling Content With Poem Is Not Content Writing. Write Only About Your Topic So Make User - Appeal.
User Will Search For Your Content.
Content Popularity Play Own Part In SEO And Great Content Get Google Trust And Penguin And Panda Don Not Hurt Easily Because With These Content Have User Appeal.

Do Not Write In Tough English .Only Follow Easy Grammer For User. If You Will Create Content For Search Engine Then Google Will Know That.

Comment Here , if You Like My Article . Do Not Make Webspam Because Next Penguin Will FLY.

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