Sunday, 16 November 2014

Does Disavow Really Help To Get Ranking Back?

Does Ranking Recover Through Google Disavow File?

You submitted  the disavow before several month and you did not notice any effect and benefit on ranking  but you still waiting for ranking that you lost ,due to penguin refresh.
disavow request will recover your full ranking , it is not sure , or it can take  some months to get your ranking. if you are still following spam steps then you should not wait for disavow recovery because google will not help you.
first stop all of spam making process.focus on content. create content that are usefull on searchers.

 Ranking Improving Tips :- 

  1. improve you bounce rate 
  2. improve you ctr
  3. improve you design
  4. improve you title and description
  5. remove extra  css,javascript
  6. remove hideen text
  7. after that fill disavow request
  8. create  unique content
  9. remove duplicacy
  10. do not fill keyword in your title
  11. do not fill keyword in description
  12. make you title natural and give it long term query type

  Time :-

A good blog writer or good content webmaster do not wait for ranking.he daily write content for people without asking for any ranking.
he update content for people. he edit every mistake.  this is the keypoint of good website owner.
if you daily think about SEO then you are on bad step. only think about your website.if you give best then you will receive best surely.

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