Friday, 28 November 2014

I Got Rank Again After Penguin 3.0 Penalty

if you got rank then it is really good news for you but google only taken some rules ,  it  is  mean that you are totally safe.
this penguin has seen only for attorney and law sites . if you are still following bad step to get top ranking in google then you should certainly avoid that. if you hired a company that they follow spam steps then you should request them to do not follow these things with your websites.
law and lawyers website was killed totally through penguin 3.0 algorithm update . some SEO comapny still do  not know about these recovery and they will give these to their hard work .
then i will say " their website will stay in ranking in google seach ..longer...........they should wait for next penguin refresh .
mostly people hire bad company , probably you get rank but it is not any mean that they follow white practise . they do daily SMO and these SMO create many links " in that manner it is direct link pulling " you did not get any traffic , you get only links and through this you are making dirty farm of links where quality does not exist.
these types of practise certainly creating spam and next penguin know that. some client force to create spam , they say to follow daily SMO.
if anyone is getting rank only for SMO links then Google will give benefit till ? answer as soon as google will apply it in next penguin.
natural linking is natural , if anyone is pulling rank through manually work and this person know that then it is against to webmaster guidline.

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