Friday, 28 November 2014

Today Mostly Websites Recovered From Penguin Algorithm Penalty

Today 28 November 2014 , you will see amazing result in google , it is for  " whom " faced penguin 3.0 penalty on 17 oct 2014 .
it is really good news for some website owner but do not celebrate because next penguin refresh that is after 60 days will kill your website ranking that you recovered today.
google taken back some penguin effect because it killed some legit websites amd google was knowing that .
          if your websites catched in this penguin update and recovered then  it is not good news. this time should remove internet spam , otherwise you website will be killed.
if you recovered then it does not mean that your websites are also legit , google still updating penguin 3.0 algorithm and upgrade version will be applied in few month again .
if you are wise then you will understand these things and will remove all spam. if you still in black hat seo then  good luck to you.
Note :- these recovery has seen mostly in USA search .... other country can take some time to reflect these result .if you have USA targeted website then you can see that recovery easily.
if you want any help then comment here.

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