Sunday, 14 December 2014

To Description To Blogger Blog is Good Idea ?

Blogger is good platform for blog can share your article or you can share view about the world and their activity in the same world.
exposure come from internet through search engine as Google , yahoo , bing.
Google is the main . blogger also a product of Google ; mostly know that. so today we will talk about Blogspot  blog that you get free from blogger.
Many are Know that Google is day by day making better to blogger and it is still a problem to make it SEO fellow.
you can implement some feature that whole world using in another platform.

Making Description is Good Idea ?

All We Know , Google Fetch Description from your Content and giving your own description will not give any extra benefit to you so , you need to leave on automatic and make unique content ; Google will automatic fetch it.
if you will your own description then it is possibility that blogger description can lead in you duplicate description pages and at last you will remove it .

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